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Students will receive email notifications when a bill is available to view and payment can be made directly online through the eBill Suite. You can even create and save a financial profile to make future payments that much simpler. At any time you have the ability to view charges and payments on your account. Please access your eBill Suite to make payment before the start of classes. If you plan on deferring payment or using the 3 Payment Plan, the application form and accompanying fee must be submitted to the Bursar's office by the application due date. See Bursar's Payment Calendar for due dates.

Graduate Tuition, Fees and Charges

Course/Program Type:

Classroom LIVE:

Classroom Online (Asynchronous):

Arts & Science Courses

$1,005/credit hour

$1,005/credit hour + $100 access fee

Business Courses

$1,235/credit hour

$1,235/credit hour + $100 access fee

Engineering Courses

$1,500/credit hour

$1,500/credit hour + $100 access fee

Healthcare Systems Engineering Program

$1,500/credit hour

$1,500/credit hour + $100 access fee

Management Science & Engineering Program

$1,500/credit hour

$1,500/credit hour + $100 access fee

Please note: These are the 2020-2021 rates which go into effect with the Summer 2020 semester.

Summer 2020 Undergraduate tuition is $840/credit hour for those currently enrolled Lehigh undergraduate students taking a course through the Office of Distance Education.

Each of the colleges (Arts and Sciences, Business, and Engineering) have separate and different tuition rates. Even within the colleges, some programs have a rate that is different than other programs. Traditionally, the rate that is charged is determined by the affiliated college of the faculty/instructor for the course, or by the program itself. 

Effective January 1, 2017, the Lehigh University Office of Distance Education no longer offers a discount for any new admitted Merck employees*.  The partnership agreement covering Lehigh's distance education courses has expired and a new one is not anticipated.   Students admitted prior to January 2017 will continue to receive the discount under a grandfather clause for distance education courses only. Students will continue to receive this discount for duration of the admitted program as long as confirmation of Merck employment is made prior to the start of each semester.  Students must notify Lehigh University's Bursar's Office if they leave Merck's employment."

*It should be noted that Merck students enrolled in programs in Lehigh's College of Business are part of a discount arrangement through their EdAssist program.

If you have any questions as to what tuition you will be charged, please contact the DE office at 610-758-6210.

Please note: The chart above does NOT include costs for: admission application fees, textbooks, shipping costs for return of homeworks or exams, deferred payment plan fees, late fees or proctoring fees.


Fees are subject to change depending on the department and the course credits. Please contact the Distance Education office, with your course information, for applicable fees.  Call Marcie Sohara at 610‐758‐6565 or e‐mail her at

Tuition Remission Policy

Lehigh faculty, exempt staff, non-exempt staff, eligible dependents, graduate students, teaching or residence assistants,  Presidential Scholars, and undergraduate students who are taking an online tuition remission course offered through Office of Distance Education, may be responsible for technical or course support fees that are not covered by tuition remission or grants.

Lehigh Graduate Tuition Benefits

Lehigh Undergraduate Tuition Benefits

Presidential Scholars

Veteran's Administration Benefits

Veteran's Administration Benefits

Tuition and Payment Forms

  • Student Account Suite gives you access to:

    • Check your balance

    • Make a payment towards your balance

    • View your payment history

    • Store your payment methods for quick and easy payment

    • As a student, provide permission to others (parents, employers, etc.) to view your bill and make payments

    • View and print your billing statement

    • Enter your bank account information so that refunds can be deposited into your account electronically

  • Employer Deferment

  • 3 Payment Plan