Technology Overview

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Collaborative Learning Environment

A key advantage to the programs offered by Lehigh’s Office of Distance Education is our ability to deliver programs using different technology platforms and provide courses that meet the varied needs of our students. Courses may be live or asynchronous, using web-conferencing and streaming video. Our staff works closely with faculty members to develop courses using instructional technologies that create the best learning environment for our students.

Instructional Platforms

Classroom LIVE

Classroom LIVE is an integrated, web-based learning environment that delivers programs in real-time from classrooms on Lehigh's campus to students, in their homes, at their workplaces, or while traveling. Students interact with professors and other students during the class as it's taking place on campus. Click here for requirements for Classroom LIVE.

Classroom Online

Streaming video of courses is produced in our studio classrooms on-campus and made available for viewing on the web. This video can be viewed at any time, providing a high degree of flexibility for the student. Professors interact with students using email, discussion boards, web-conferencing, or telephone, as determined by the professor. Click here for requirements for Classroom Online.

Supplemental Tools

Course Site

Course Site is the course management system used at Lehigh and is where all courses offered through the Office of Distance Education are hosted. Course Site is used for posting documents and links to video, discussion boards, and collaborative areas. To access Course Site please go to


Lehigh currently licenses the web-conferencing tool Zoom, allowing faculty and students to meet online for discussion, Q&A sessions, etc.

Please note:  All courses have components requiring high-speed Internet connectivity. Students are required to have access to a computer that meets the minimum technical requirements as outlined on the Technical Requirements page to participate in any distance education course.  Computers at student work locations may be behind a company firewall. We can work with IT staff to make adjustments to a firewall, subject to security policies in place at that corporation. In the event that a firewall cannot be bypassed, students must have access to an adequately configured computer at a different location. Please contact the Distance Education Support Staff at or 610-758-4211 with any questions.

Lehigh's Classroom LIVE is second to none and truly differentiates the Lehigh MBA experience from other programs.