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Online Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Certificate)


This 12 credit graduate online certificate program in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering provides students with competence in selected areas of chemical and biomolecular engineering applied science. This certificate is designed for working professionals in related technology fields who are seeking professional advancement in this growing field. 

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Students will take four courses (12 credits) from those courses listed in the curriculum section to complete the certificate requirements.

  • Must take one course from the CHE Core Course list at the 400 level, and take 2 CHE courses at the 300 level, and students may take an elective course for the remaining course requirements.
  • No more than one grade below B-
  • Must be taken post-baccalaureate at Lehigh University (no transfer of non-Lehigh course accepted) and must be for credit (audits do not count).
  • Must be completed in 3 years. 

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A B.S. degree in any branch of engineering or science and a minimum GPA of 3.00 are required;

*Bridge courses, such as CHE 383 may be required based on the student’s background. These will count towards the course credit requirements.

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Core Courses:
CHE 400 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (3) CHE 415 Transport Processes (4)
CHE 410 Chemical Reaction Engineering (3) CHE 452 Mathematics Methods in Chemical Engineering (3)
CHE 201 Methods of Analysis in Chemical Engineering (4) CHE 441 Biotechnology I (3)
CHE 331 Separation CHE 442 Biotechnology II (3)
CHE 341 Biotechnology I (3) CHE 444 Bioseparations (3)
CHE 342 Biotechnology II (3) CHE 448 Topics in Biochemical Engineering (3)
CHE 376 Energy: Issues and Technology (3) CHE 449 Metabolic Engineering (3)
CHE 391 Colloid and Surface Chemistry (3) ISE 410 Design of Experiments (3)
CHE 395 Understanding Medical Device Regulations (3) ISE 426 Optimization Models and Applications (3)
CHE 401 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II (3) ME 360 Nuclear Reactor Engineering (3)
CHE 413 Heterogeneous Catalysis and Surface Characterization (3) ME 362 Nuclear Fusion and Radiation Protection (3)
CHE 428 Rheology (3) ME 364 Renewable Energy (3)
CHE 430 Mass Transfer (3) TE 407 Intellectual Property (IP) Creation and Management (2)
CHE 440 Chemical Engineering in the Life Sciences (3)  

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Academic Advisor
Professor Jonas Baltrusaitis
Phone: 610-758-6836
E-mail: job314@lehigh.edu

Academic Advisor
Professor Hugo Caram
Email: hsc0@lehigh.edu

Graduate Coordinator
Barbara Kessler
Phone: 610-758-4261
E-mail: bak0@lehigh.edu

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