Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who can take Lehigh Distance Education Courses?

Lehigh’s distance education program is ideal for adult learners, working professionals, military personnel, anyone looking for new opportunities for employees, and of course, Lehigh alumni.

A bachelor's degree is required to be admitted to a graduate degree program. Some courses may require prerequisite college-level work. You may enroll in courses (non-degree status) before being formally admitted into a degree program. Non-degree status does not guarantee acceptance into a degree program.

2. Can I start a course at any time?

Courses generally follow the University's standard academic calendar and begin in August, January, and May. Click here for current calendar. 

3. Is Lehigh's Distance Education Program fully accredited?

Lehigh’s Office of Distance Education is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Click here for accreditation information.

4. Will I receive the same degree as a Lehigh campus student?

Yes. Lehigh University's distance education program provides the student with the same level of educational excellence for which Lehigh University is renowned and graduates receive the same degree and diploma awarded to our on-campus students.

5. What if I want to just try a course?

If you are not sure about taking the Master's program, you can apply as a non-degree student, permitting you to take 12 credit hours before matriculating into a degree program. However, non-degree status does not guarantee that you will get into the Master's program. You will have to "reapply" for regular admission and meet all degree program requirements.

6. How long does it take to complete an online Master's Degree?

When pursuing a part time-program, it depends on how many courses an online student takes in a semester. Completing one course a semester allows students to better manage the time demands of work, family and other commitments. Average time to complete an online master's program is usually 2.5 to 3 years.


1. What is the tuition and cost breakdown?

There are varying costs and fees related to each program. Up-to-date information on costs, fees, and financial aid may be found here.

2. When do I apply for admissions?

Each degree program determines their graduate application deadlines. Consult your program's application deadline section on the Application Information page.

3. How do I apply?

Please visit our Application Information page for more details and to begin the process.


1. What is the tuition and cost breakdown?

There are varying costs and fees related to each program. Up-to-date information on costs, fees, and financial aid may be found here.

2. Why haven't I received my invoice?

Lehigh University has converted to a paperless billing system. Students can access their Lehigh e-Bill online at The e-Bill provides a student with an email notification whenever a new statement is generated. Payment must be made before the start of classes. If you are deferring payment, the Defer Payment Form and accompanying fee must be submitted to the Bursar's office before classes begin.

3. Do I have to pay an access fee for EACH online course?

Yes, the fee is for EACH Classroom ONLINE (asynchronous) course. This fee is NOT refundable if the course is dropped.

4. Are there employer-based tuition discounts available?

We do have tuition discount agreements with some employers. Please contact the Office of Distance Education at 610-758-4372 to determine if your employer participates.

5. What would be my refund for dropping a class?

Tuition refund amounts are based on the elapsed time between the start of the course and the date on which The Office of Registration & Academic Services receives the formal request. Tuition will be refunded according to the pro-rated schedule determined by the Bursar's Office Refund Policy. Access fees are nonrefundable after the start of the course.

Student Information / Processes

1. What is my student ID?

You can find your student ID by logging into: Click here and then click the the "Banner" button at the top.

2. How do I change my address?

Click here and sign in using your Lehigh User name and password (This is the same as your e-mail login). Choose the tab “BANNER” on the top and enter your record.

3. I want to drop my class. What do I do?

Contact the instructor of the course to discuss alternatives with him/her. It might be possible to take an "incomplete" for the course. If you decide to withdraw from the course, you should complete a Drop/Add form from our Forms page and send it in an email to Deb Degenhart at, along with the reason for your withdrawal. The form will get forwarded on for department/instructor signatures and then to The Office of Registration & Academic Services for processing.

4. In what instances do I have to submit a petition, and where do I get the form?

Petitions are submitted for change of enrollment status, late registration, refund requests, reactivation of file, or transfer of credits. Petition forms can be found on our Forms page. Petitions should be sent via email to Deb Degenhart at or faxed to 610-758-4190.

Exams and Grades

1. How are exams given?

Some courses make use of proctored exams. These exams and instructions are generally emailed to your proctor, however some are sent via overnight mail. Students must arrange to take the test with their proctor. The proctor is responsible for the return of completed exams. Many exams are required to be returned via overnight mail. Lehigh is not responsible for any expenses incurred.

Other courses make use of online exams which are available through Course Site and completed entirely online.

2. I won’t be available the date an exam is scheduled. Can I change it?

Any changes to exam schedules must be approved by the instructor. Please email the instructor to get permission, and then notify Ann Thompson at

3. Who can I use as a proctor?

Proctors cannot be related to the student. A manager, supervisor, or HR person is preferred. The proctor cannot report to the student in any type of work environment.

If a workplace proctor is not available, local libraries or colleges may provide this service. There are proctoring services available through companies such as ProctorU. The Distance Education office would need to verify that an exam can be proctored by using this type of service due to the format of the exam. Please also be aware that there may be fees associated with proctoring services.

4. How do I get my final grade?

Students can access their final grades by going to: Lehigh Connect and logging in using their Lehigh username and password. Grades can be accessed by clicking on the "Banner" button.

5. How do I transfer grades from other schools?

Each program has a maximum number of credits accepted for transfer. Once you are admitted, you can complete the Graduate Course Credit Transfer Petition form located on the Forms page. Along with the form, you will need an official course description and an official transcript of the courses you wish to transfer. These should be sent to Deb Degenhart. It is then processed through the department, and you will be informed of the decision by The Office of Registration & Academic Services.

Course Mechanics

1. I'm registered for a Classroom LIVE course. How do I access my classes?

If you have registered for a Classroom LIVE course, you attend the classes online at specific dates and times just as you would if you were attending class on campus. Please check the registration confirmation email that you received for the dates and times. If this is your first Classroom LIVE course, you should have received notification of training on the use of the tool as well.

At the time your class is scheduled to meet, go to the course site for your class at You will find a link for the Classroom LIVE meeting which will generally be located at the top of the course content. Click this link to join the meeting and you will see a window that contains classroom audio, video, and the professor's presentation file.

2. If I'm attending a Classroom LIVE class, can I participate in a class discussion or ask the professor a question?

Yes, you can. Classroom LIVE gives the distance student the opportunity to "raise" your hand in the classroom by actually raising your hand since your webcam is always on during class. This will make the professor aware that a distance student has a question or comment. When the professor acknowledges you, you can turn your microphone on and then share your comment or ask your question.

3. What if I have to miss a live class?

All Classroom LIVE sessions are recorded for the distance education students. These recordings are typically available for the entire semester.

4. I'm registered for a Classroom Online course. How do I take my classes?

There are two types of Classroom Online courses. Neither meets at a specific date and time, but the professor will provide a schedule for homework, projects, and exams that needs to be followed.

The first type of Classroom Online course is held in parallel with a class being held on-campus at the same time. Lecture video from the live class will be posted to the course's web site within several hours of the live class meeting. See the course's web site for the course schedule.

The second type of Classroom Online course is based on lecture materials from the class as it was previously taught. These lecture videos are typically posted on the course's web site according to a schedule developed by the instructor and published on the course's site.

Both types of courses make heavy use of Course Site, for posting of video, notes, articles, discussion forums, etc.

5. Can I contact my professor? How do I contact my professor?

You should contact your professor with any questions about course content. Most professors prefer email correspondence, but you will find some available by phone. Contact information is usually provided on the course syllabus posted on the course's web site.

6. How will my professor contact me?

Most professors rely on Lehigh email to communicate with their students. You can check your Lehigh email by going to Lehigh Connect or Lehigh Gmail, where you can click the email icon on either page. Both require your Lehigh username and password.

7. If my course requires group work, how can I work with other distance education students?

There are a number of ways to collaborate with other distance education students including web-conferencing, Course Site discussion forums, and Lehigh's Google apps. When you are required to participate in a group project, Distance Education tech support staff can help make these tools available to you accordingly.

8. How long will the lecture videos remain available?

Lecture videos are made available according to a schedule published in the course syllabus. You will need to watch these videos so that you are prepared to submit assignments and take exams throughout the semester. Once these lecture videos are made available, they are usually available throughout the semester for review purposes.

9. Do distance education students have access to Lehigh library resources?

Many Lehigh library resources can be accessed electronically by distance education students, including books, journals, and databases. Information on accessing these resources can be found here. In addition, a library consultant is available to support student use of the library.

10. Who do I contact if I have problems with course video or Classroom LIVE?

The Distance Education Technical Support Staff is available for questions regarding streaming video, Classroom LIVE, and Course Site. Contact the Technical Support Staff Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM EST at or 610-758-4211. Limited support is available on weekends via email.


1. How do I get my username and password?

Once you have accepted the offer of admission, you will establish your Lehigh credentials, which will give you access to the Graduate Student Portal. Your Lehigh email account will be activated before the semester begins.

2. My username and password don't work anymore. Why?

If you have not taken a course within the last semester, you will need to reactive your Lehigh email account and password. You can do this by clicking here.

3. What kind of computer and software do I need to take a distance education course?

Please click here page for the minimum computer requirements needed to successfully participate in the program.

4. I think my computer is correctly configured. How can I be sure?

Please click here for guide and instructions regarding using the technology.

5. Who do I contact if I have problems with course video or Classroom LIVE?

The Distance Education Technical Support Staff is available for questions regarding streaming video, Classroom LIVE, and Course Site. Contact the Technical Support Staff Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM EST at or 610-758-4211. Limited support is available on weekends via email.