Online Molecular Biology (Master's)

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Dr. Vassie Ware leads the Ware Lab in research regarding ribosomes


The 30-credit Master's Degree Program in Molecular Biology is a highly focused, research-oriented online program designed specifically for part-time students who have an interest in the biotechnology industry. This online degree program is ideally suited for indiviudals seeking biomedical research careers in academia, industry, and government. 

The learning experience was invaluable to my professional career


Students should apply using the Distance Learning Program admission form. Two letters of recommendation and an official transcipt of previous education expriences are required for consideration of associate status in the Distance Education Master's Degree Program. 


There are eight required courses for the Masters in Molecular Biology Program. Students will select elective courses that fit their interests and specializations. 

Graduate Program Co-Directors

Dr. Greg Lang
Dr. Amber Rice

Tuition & Fees

For questions regarding tuition and fees, click here.

Graduate Handbook

Check out the Graduate Student Handbook for policies regarding academics, graduate student life, etc.

Questions & Inquiries

For further questions, inquiries, or questions about requirements, please visit the department website or contact either Program Advisor, Dr. Vassie C. Ware at or Dr. Micahel Kuchka at