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Online Polymer Science and Engineering (Master's)


The Center for Polymer Science & Engineering (CPSE) is an interdisciplinary research-oriented center with faculty representatives from the participating Departments of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, and Physics. The Polymer Science and Engineering Graduate Program at Lehigh University began in 1975 and one of a handful of graduate programs in the US that specializes in polymers. The CPSE offers graduate studies through the participating departments leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Master of Engineering in Polymer Science and Engineering.


Please watch our most recent webinar with Prof. Raymond Pearson for more information about the program.


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There are two options for a Master's Degree in Polymer Science & Engineering, both requiring a proficiency in polymers.  The Master of Engineering and the Master of Science both require similar coursework structure. Courses and areas of research emphasize Polymer Synthesis and Characterization, Physical Polymer Science, Organic Polymer Science, Engineering Behavior, Rheology, Polymer Blends and Composites, Polymer Processing, Emulsion Polymers, Polymer Interfaces, and Colloid Science.

For the M.S., the student's program must include: not less than 30 credits of graduate work; not less than 18 credits of 400-level coursework, and not less than 18 hours than 18 hours of coursework in the major, of which 15 must be at the 400-level. The program must include six course credits in the student's admitting department, six research credits, and a research report or thesis to the satisfaction of the faculty advisor, to be filed with the Polymer Education Committee.

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Students wishing to enroll in one of the above distance education degree programs will be admitted directly into the Polymer Science and Engineering graduate program.

Admission requirements include: a B.S. degree in chemistry, physics, or any branch of engineering and an undergraduate GPA: 2.80 or higher.

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Two Required Core Courses:
CHE/CHM/MAT 392 Introduction to Polymers (3) CHE/CHM/MAT 393 Physical Polymer Science (3)
Polymer Courses (choose at least 5 at 400-level):
CHE/CHM/MAT 483 Emulsion Polymers (3) MAT 486 Polymer Nanocomposites (3)
CHE/CHM/MAT 485 Polymer Blends and Composites (3) MAT 487 Adhesion and Adhesives Technology (3)
CHE/CHM/MAT 492 Topics in Polymer Science (3) MAT 496 Polymer Thermodynamics (3)
CHE/MAT 482 Mechanical Behavior of Polymers (3) MAT/ME 309 Composite Materials (3)
MAT 409 Polymer Characterization (3) ME 485 Polymer Product Manufacturing (3)
One Course in Thermodynamics:
CHE 400 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (3) ME 420 Advanced Thermodynamics (3)
MAT 496 Polymer Thermodynamics (3)  
Coursework Option:
Can take one engineering elective (non-polymer)  
Masters of Engineering Option:
MAT 490 Engineering Project (3-6)  
Masters of Science Option:
MAT 462 Independent Study (3) MAT 490 Thesis (3)

M.S. Versus M.Eng. in Polymer Science and Engineering

  • Both M.Eng and MS degrees require 30 credit hours.  
  • Note that the M.Eng. degree can be completely coursework.

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Professor Raymond Pearson
Phone: 610-758-3857
Email: rp02@lehigh.edu

Graduate Coordinator
Lisa Arechiga
Phone: 610-758-4222
Email: lia4@lehigh.edu

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Additional Information

Academic Standards & Grades

Course grades are defined as for undergraduates. An average GPA of 3.0 (a B average) must be obtained for the two required courses CHE/CHM/MAT 393 and CHE/CHM 394. Note that that no grade lower than C may be counted for credit in a 400-level course (i.e. a C- will not count towards graduation.) There is a University" 4 C rule," i.e. graduate students with 4 grades lower than a B- are placed on academic probation and will be dropped if they obtain a fifth grade lower than a B-. For 300-level courses, no grade lower than a B- will count towards graduation. Pass-fail registration for graduate students is not permitted.

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