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This 12 credit graduate online certificate program in Management Science and Engineering is offered by the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE). The program is directed toward integrating scientific methods with the functional aspects of organizations by investigating the application of quantitative methodology and systems analysis in the context of decision making, risk analysis, economics and cost analysis, production management, and supply chain logistics. This integration provides the students with broad engineering management perspectives toward managerial decision-making in both private enterprise and public administration. 

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Students are required to complete 12 credits of courses selected from the set of Management Science & Engineering Certificate Courses listed below to receive the certificate. At least 9 credits must be ISE courses.

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To be admitted to the program a candidate must demonstrate basic competence in calculus, statistics, linear algebra, introductory operations research, accounting, production and economics.

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Each student is required to complete at least 12 credit hours of courses selected from the Courses list below. Bridge courses, such as those listed below, may be required based on the student’s background. These do not count towards the course credit requirements.

ISE 339 Stochastic Models and Applications (3) ISE 410 Design of Experiments (3)
ISE 358 ISE 413 Asset valuation (risk) (3)
ISE 362 ISE 419
ISE 404 Simulation (3) ISE 426 Optimization Models and Applications (3)
ISE 409 Time Series Analysis (3) ISE 465
Bridging Courses:
ISE 328 Engineering Statistics (3) ISE 357 Introduction to Industrial Engineering Mathematics (3)

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Academic Advisor
Derya Pamukcu
Industrial and Systems Engineering Department
Phone: 610-758-5868

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