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2016 Summer Graduates

The deadline to apply for September degree is July 1, 2016. 

Please refer to our Graduation page for more information.

Leslie Kirkes
Leslie Kirkes
M.S. Molecular Biology '13
Geoscience Engineer
Sandia National Laboratories
"I loved my experience with Lehigh's Distance Education Program and I would have never accomplished my goals at Sandia National Laboratories without my degree from Lehigh.
Thank you, Lehigh!"
John Hoskins
M.S. Chemistry

"My education through Lehigh has opened numerous opportunities for me to become a faculty member at multiple colleges. It was truly a blessing for the distance education program to exist. I continuously encourage those I know who are working to take part in the program."

Natalie Woolery
Natalie Woolery
Molecular Biology '13
Scientist II
Aesculap Biologics, LLC

"I am very proud to have graduated with a Masters from Lehigh. Your University made the transition from professional life back to student life easy and the learning experience was invaluable to my career. I appreciate all the assistance I received along the way, especially from the Distance Ed department, whether it was rescheduling exams or choosing classes the DE office was always available and helpful!"

Daniel Lordan
MBA '14
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

"Earning an MBA from a top ranked program at an academically renowned university such as Lehigh is extremely rewarding. What has made it even more special is the experience. As a distance education student, staying actively connected to classmates and professors is very important. Lehigh's Classroom LIVE distance education program is second to none and truly differentiates the Lehigh MBA experience from other programs. The connections I have made with my classmates- professionals from a variety of industries from around the world- only serve to enhance the high quality business education the program obviously provides."

Kamie Smith
Auditor, GQRC-Analytical
Bristol-Myers Squibb

"I completed this certificate program in conjunction with the MS in chemistry program at Lehigh, I believe it is directly correlated with opening new doors for me within my current company. I finished my degree and certificate while working with Bristol-Myers Squibb as an analytical chemist in the laboratory, but when a position opened up in regulatory compliance, I applied. With the completion of the certificate program in Regulatory Affairs, and with my experience in the lab analyzing dosing formulation samples, I was chosen to fill the open position. It was honestly one of the best career and education choices I've ever made!"

Joleen Codner

"The MSE classes cover all aspects of design. You learn how to design a new product, something a customer wants, and then you learn to go in front of the customer and sell the product to them. Once you get engrossed in your job, you realize how helpful the MSE program is. We learned business and engineering theory, we got a lot of hands-on experience, and we did a lot of projects. We even worked on virtual teams with distance-education students..."

Nathan Phillips
M.S. in Polymer Science & Engineering '17
Chief Chemist
TCR Composites

"My experience with Lehigh's Distance Education program provided me with the knowledge I needed to solve advanced problems for my employer. Although I had been professionally mentored in polymers for several years, Lehigh helped me learn the academic knowledge and critical details of why polymers react in the manner that they do. Receiving my MS in Polymer Science & Engineering degree allowed me to advance to the highest existing position within my employer's R&D department."