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Polymer Science and Engineering (Certificate)


This 12 credit graduate level certificate program in Polymer Science and Engineering is designed to meet the needs of working engineers and scientists who are seeking professional advancement in this growing field. Our graduate certificate program is designed to accommodate technical professionals in the plastics and plastics-related industries to further enhance their knowledge of polymer science and engineering. This graduate certificate option complements (and also serves as an alternative to) our master's degree program in polymer science and engineering.

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Students will take four courses (12 credits total) of the courses listed in the curriculum section to complete the certificate requirements.

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Admission policies will be the same as for other graduate students in polymer science and engineering:

  • B.S. degree in chemistry, physics, or any branch of engineering
  • Undergraduate GPA: 2.80 or higher.

For Credit

Prospective students wishing to pursue this certificate for credit will apply for non-degree admission. Upon successful completion of the required courses, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and the courses will be listed on an official Lehigh University transcript. Degreed students can apply these 12 credits of coursework towards their M.S. in Polymer Science and Engineering degree.

For Non-credit

For students wishing to pursue this certificate for non-credit participation (professional development) will simply complete and submit the non-credit registration and payment form. (Contact our office for more information).   After completion of four required courses, participants will be issued a Certificate of Completion upon request.

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Required Core Courses (Must choose at least one):
CHE/CHM/MAT 393 Physical Polymer Science (3) CHE/CHM 394 Organic Polymer Science I (3)
Polymer Related Graduate Courses (Choose 2-3):
CHE/MAT/ME 460 Engineering Project (3) CHE/CHM/MAT 492 Special Topics in Polymers (3)
CHE/CHM /MAT 482 Eng. Behaviors of Polymers (3) MAT/ME 309 Composite Materials
CHE/CHM 483 Emulsion Polymers (3) ME 485 Polymer Product Manufacturing (3)
CHE/CHM MAT 485 Polymer Blends and Composites (3) MECH 454 Mechanics and Design of Composites

Courses may vary from year to year, please check with Professor Ray Pearson (rp02@lehigh.edu) for more details. Some courses are offered every other year, and a few may not be available for the distance education program.

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Professor Ray Pearson
Phone: 610-758-3857
E-mail: rp02@lehigh.edu

PSE Graduate Coordinator
Lisa Arechiga
Phone: 610-758-4222
E-mail: lia4@lehigh.edu

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