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Technical Instructions

Below are instructions to help you configure and use the different technical resources that Distance Education offers.

Classroom LIVE

Classroom LIVE currently utilizes a web-conferencing program called Blackboard Collaborate as part of the overall platform.  The following instructions will aid you in the initital configuration of Blackboard Collaborate as well as more specialized instructions for advanced uses.

Configuration and Usage

Configuration and Usage Guide

  • This guide provides instructions and information about the most widely used features of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing – those features most essential to participating in a Blackboard Collaborate session as part of Lehigh University Distance Education's Classroom LIVE platform.

Application Sharing

Application Sharing Guide

  • This guide provides instructions about using the Application Sharing feature of Blackboard Collaborate.  The feature allows you to share what is on the desktop of your primary monitor with others in the session (including those on campus in the classroom).  This feature is primarily used for student presentations.

Webcam Usage

Webcam Usage Guide

  • This guide provides instructions about properly using webcams with Blackboard Collaborate.

Session Recording

Session Recording Guide

  • This guide provides instructions about recording Blackboard Collaborate sessions.  In some classes, the instructor may allow students to request practice or team meeting sessions to be created for student use outside of the normal class meeting times.  In some cases, these sessions may be set to allow the students to record them for review at a later time.  This is not for use during normal class sessions, that is handled by the Distance Education Moderator for the session.

Classroom Online

Classroom Online currently utilizes two programs for streaming videos to our students, Panopto and Windows Media Player (with and without Silverlight).